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Creations for the Young Spirit in Every Woman
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    Inside every woman is a youthful spirit—a spirit of excitement and longing to be free. 
Hopefully the custom designs and styles from Youngbear will communicate with your young spirit and offer a stimulating change from the norm.
    These designs are predicated on the desire to appeal to most every woman, no matter what age or background.  Just place your curser on the My ETSY Store button below, and you will go to my store immediately.  Or, see me on My Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter links below.
Quality Products at a Reasonable Price
Youngbear Designs was started with the intention of giving every woman custom, quality fashion products at reasonable prices. All designs and items are handcrafted and put together one piece at a time, using only quality materials and fabrics. Be sure to visit my store from time to time since I am not restricted to the items you will find there today, or on this website.  As I come up with new design patterns and different materials, they will be made available to you.  

Very popular items are warm and comfortable wraps.  Also called ponchos, shawls or capes, these fun garments come in handy in so many ways.  I specialize in southwestern designs, but as you will see in my store, I have many other designs and colors.  They’re great for the outdoors, cool evenings, air-conditioned buildings, car travel or just lounging around the house on a cool winter evening
Pink RuanaRuanas, or stoles, are made of very light materials. They provide instant flattery to any outfit, figure size or age.  
Some are like wearing a butterfly wing and others like wearing a whisper! 
They allow you to dress like a million for a very minimal amount.  Comparable ruanasGrape Ruana sell in stores and boutiques usually costing far more than what you will find in my store.  They can also be used as a light covering for a bathing suit.  Awaken the flamboyant style and “young spirit” that lives in all of us by wearing one of these Youngbear Design ruanas.